Beat the Heat with these Top Pinoy Summer Delicacies!

Tag-init na!

Can you hear the rings of the tiny bell of mamang sorbetero?

Indeed, the summer season is slowly taking over the Philippines. Blankets are quickly replaced by fans and air conditioners operating in full blast. It is the season of the thin sando wears, the colorful pamaypays and the sparkly beaches. And without a doubt, it is also the season of the unforgiving heat! Staying outside in the afternoon is just utterly impossible.

What’s nice about the Filipino culture is that we are very inventive in fighting off the summer heat. This inventiveness can be easily seen in our kitchens. Our culinary prowess allows us to mix and match mouth-watering and heat-quenching ingredients to make various delicacies that every generation of Filipinos has loved and enjoyed.

Here, we prepared the top 5 Pinoy summer delicacies based on the data we gathered over the internet that will help you beat the summer heat:

  1. Halo-halo

Figure 1. Halo-Halo (source: Bramptonist).

Halo-halo (“mix-and-match”) is in the forefront of Pinoy summer recipes. It is a combination of gelatin, mango, jackfruit, sweet corn, banana, rice pop and a lot of other tasty ingredients. These delicacies are stacked on top of each other together with crushed ice, filled with evaporated milk and topped with a luscious scoop of ice cream and leche flan!

It’s literally a festival of summer delicacies!

  1. Ice Scramble

Figure 2. Ice Scramble (source: FOODCHE)

Ice scramble (also called iskrambol in the Philippines) is the Filipino version of a slush. It is made up of flavored ice mixed with vanilla, chocolate syrup and milk. It is usually topped with marshmallows and sprinkles which makes it colorful and infinitely enticing.

I think all Filipinos will agree that eating a cup of this cold delicious treat brings a wave of nostalgia. It is, after all, a common after-school treat!

  1. Banana Con Yelo

Banana Con Yelo (source: Steemit)

The supremacy of most Pinoy summer delicacies lies in its simplicity.

Banana Con Yelo is just sliced bananas drenched in caramelized sugar and mixed with crushed ice and milk. Some people would sometimes add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top just to add a more distinct flavor to it. Commonly used banana variety is the saba which plays an important role in Filipino cuisine.

  1. Sago’t Gulaman

Figure 4. Sago’t Gulaman (source: Lazada).

Sago’t gulaman is probably the most debatable treat in this list because people might be inclined to consider this merely as a drink more than a summer delicacy. Mix sugar, vanilla and a ton of sago and you already have sago’t gulaman! In the Philippines, this is the usual go-to drink of a lot of street food vendors.

It’s sweet and cold, perfect as a summer afternoon treat!

  1. Ice Candy

Figure 5. Ice Candy (source: Yummy).

Who will forget these colorful chaps? Pinoy kids will surely get crazy over these cheap ice candies. It is the Pinoy equivalent of water or milk-based ice pops. It comes in different flavors and usually wrapped in cheap plastics like above.

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